One of the most common questions I get asked is, “What to wear to a photoshoot?!”. And sure, you can find a lot of information on Pinterest, including on my own personally curated Pinterest board. But it can also be easy to go down the never-ending rabbit hole that is the internet. While picking out your outfits, you must focus on what makes you comfortable and your personal style. The last thing you need during a session is to feel uncomfortable. These sessions should be wild, fun, and adventurous, and trust me when the day is all said and done, you won’t even think about what you were wearing. So, let’s take a peek at five recommendations I give my couples and families to ensure you look (and feel) amazing during your session.


Okay, so I know I said you need to keep to your style but let’s talk colors. Picking bright, vibrant colors can detract from the subject… you! These photos are about you + your boo, and bright colors may distract from this. I strongly recommend wearing a neutral color that allows your surroundings to freaking shine. Now there is something to be said about light and dark clothing. Dark colors make you look slimmer, whereas lighter colors will add a fresh take to your photos. This will ensure that you + your boo will look freaking amazing.

Avoid busy patterns.

I encourage all my couples + families to choose a solid color or a subtle, low-key pattern. You want all the epic scenery + your wild, adventurous love to be the photo’s focus, not your clothes. This includes logos!

Match, don’t coordinate.

Keep it simple and coordinate your outfits with similar colors and patterns. Dissimilar colors within a group can be distracting and keep the focus off you. When picking group outfits, keep in mind everyone’s complexion and attributes (i.e., probably not a good idea to dress up in whites).

Do not over-accessorize.

Overbearing and chunky jewelry can be a significant distraction. Keep your accessories simple and minimal, and you will freaking shine.

Embrace flowing lines.

If you know me, then you know I am all about the wild + untamed moments, and I work my tush off to capture the rugged beauty in your relationship. Flowy dresses and skirts are a great way to add movement and flow into your photos. It’s a fun element that adds extra oomph to your photos. Having your hair down and loose is another excellent way to add a little spice to your photos.

These tips on what to wear to a photoshoot might seem simple, but that’s it. You’ve probably booked this session for some special occasion or milestone. So the last thing you want to focus on is what you are wearing, and trust me, you won’t even think about it after the photoshoot. Instead, you will remember the beautiful views, your amazing family, and your boo twirling you. The session is about this; your clothes should only heighten the moment, not overwhelm it.

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