First looks are not a new trend in weddings and photography. But how do you know if you should do a first look vs no first look at your wedding? With many things, there are pros and (a few) cons associated with doing a first look. Now, I know a first look goes against tradition, but I can help you decide what’s best for you and your boo on your big day. According to The Knot approximately half of all couples who marry do a first look. We are in a season of growth and change, you will find “traditional” weddings are becoming less popular.

What is a first look?

A first look is when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day. This intimate moment can be done at the altar or in a more private setting before the ceremony. And it can make for a very emotional photo opportunity.


  1. You save time by doing photos before the ceremony.

It’s common knowledge that the bride and groom don’t really get to eat at the wedding. So, all that time you spent drooling over menus and dreaming about eating that beautifully plated dinner. Yea that will probably remain a dream. But by doing first looks, you will be more available to eat and enjoy your day.

  1. Gives you and your partner a few moments alone.

You may hear that your wedding day is all about you and your partner. And you should do what makes you happy. But the reality is, on your wedding day, you will get very little time with just the two of you. A first look is just between you and your boo (and your photographer). This means you can take a moment just the two of you, without all your guests and family. Just make sure you make sure your spot is away from the rest of the guests.

First Look vs. No First Look. These can be magical moments with lots of emotion and love. Which makes for beautiful photos.
  1. Emotional Moments are caught on camera.

If you love the documentary style of wedding photography, and raw emotions caught on camera. The first looks are for you, friend. This is an intimate moment between you and your boo, no guests, no officiant, and no family. This means your photographer will have an unobstructed view (plus they can find the best light).  Additionally, this way you can leave all your tears behind and not be on the alter.

  1. Can ease pre-ceremony nerves.

Seeing your partner before the ceremony will allow you to be more relaxed and in the moment during the ceremony.  Walking down the aisle all you can think about is your partner, and what they are thinking. With a first look, all this goes away.  


  1. You will have to get ready earlier.

Since this typically occurs before the ceremony and can last some time. That means, if you have a morning wedding then you will be getting up at the crack of dawn. If you dread mornings and are unable to function before 7 am, (cough, cough… night owls) then you might want to think twice about this trend.

  1. Having other people around can add to your nerves.

Your photographer is going to be there with you during the first look. If you are shy or an introvert this might be awkward. If you have never been in front of a camera before you might clam up or be more reserved than you thought. The best way to overcome this is to communicate with your photographer. They can help you plan this out. Also, zoom lenses exist, so the photographer can take photos from further away. And you can be more in the moment with your partner without the addition of a third wheel.

After this, if you and your partner are still on the fence about a first look, there are other options to consider. Like, a first touch or doing a first look without key elements of your look (i.e. veil or other accessories).

Let me know what you think about the first look vs. no first look in the comments. And if you are a potential couple, hit me up for more information here!

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